**** Ukrainian Relief ****
Due to the unprovoked and illegal war from Russia, I am currently donating 100% of the proceeds* from this site to Ukrainian relief. I have created the optional coupon code UKRAINE that you can use for 25% off prints or digital downloads. * Proceeds being the amount of money I get after Zenfolio and mPix (the printer) take their cut. Given the high markup on this platform, most of what you are giving will go to Ukraine.

Kevin M. Gill
A little bit about...
I'm an engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I also enjoy processing spaceflight imagery as a celebration of nature, art, planetary science, and the collective dream of humankind. Mission data I work with include Cassini, Voyager, Galileo, Curiosity Rover, Perseverance Rover, HiRISE, Juno, Akatsuki, Hubble, and a few more from time to time.Along with that, I also explore astrophotography from my backyard. I try to specialize in Hydrogen Alpha Solar, and Lunar photography. At times I will experiment with deep space and planetary astrophotography.Or I might just drag my camera around town, or to the beach. Or the computer is my camera, with digital artworks created in Blender or Maya. Note: Only images I have processed from publicly available data on my own time and equipment are included. This site is not affiliated with my employer, and no NASA or government funded products generated as part of my day-to-day employment at JPL are included.You can also find me on:Twitter: @kevinmgillInstagram: @apoapsys